Do Podcasts Help SEO?

According to Google I/O ’19, it would soon start exhibiting podcasts in the search results.

Is this possible?

Yes, it is possible. Google Cloud Platform’s speech-to-text service has been in existence since 2017, which is a sound proof to the possibility of podcast in SEO. An expert SEO consultant states that, earlier in 2019, a few changes in the source code have been identified, which signifies that Google is already in the process of transcribing podcasts on the Google Podcasts platform.

How will podcast appear in Search?

The podcast engine extensions – the full-text search and automatic transcription are already in the works. Once when you will be able to search within the Google Podcasts, you can expect the search ability to extend to Google searches as well.

Will Google Use Transcribed Text Or Audio Content?

This is a big question – but we hope that Google will provide the audio clips as result, that may prove to be a better match to the search intent.

How many Podcast Should you start?

Google frequently releases changes, and tests them gradually for weeks. If you are already in the process of producing a podcast and is looking to make it accessible to search, make sure that you are also a part of the Google Podcasts ecosystem, and stays updated to the current Meta data.

Moreover having a clean and quality audio in a format required by Google can get the content transcribed without any hassles. Free form content might make it hard for Google to understand, it actually requires parse questions and answers. So, on the safe side, it is better to have summary at the end of each chapter.

Podcast in SEO services means, presenting the audio content in a more structured way. The extensive progression of Google search engine optimisation, across a variety of devices means that we need to stay in par with producing what type of content best adds to the needs of our audience. We need to know what the customer is looking for – audio, video or text, as each model caters to different needs and device, we need to plan and work accordingly.