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Web Glossary

Database – the database is one of the most important elements in an interactive website. Data driven websites are especially useful when you have plenty of information, products or services. All of this information can be stored in a database. A data driven website invites visitors to select what they are interested in. Powerful MySQL database systems are created to meet the demand of full e-commerce solutions, online product catalogues, portals or websites with a large amount of information. Storing your information in a central location allows for easier maintenance and management of the content. Updates, additions or deletions are as easy to administer.

Web Hosting – a team of technicians monitor all of the servers 24 hours per day 365 days per year and our current average availability rate (up time) is 99.27%.

Secure Server – 128bit SSL high encryption. This technology is ideal for sensitive data (eg Credit Card Details) from your customers. SSL is widely used and believed to provide the highest level of data protection.

Search Engines – after extensive research on the behaviour of search engines and testing several products that promise to deliver great results, we have devised a solution that combines the way a website is built, with the way each major search engine reads your site.
Address – the unique location of a web page on the internet.

Bounce – what happens to an e-mail when it is sent to an invalid address.

CGI – common gateway interface

Client-Server – describes the relationship between two different computers. One computer, the client, requests information from another computer, the server. The server gives, the client takes.

Domain Name – identifies a server (or virtual server) on the net. Domain names typically consist of a host name followed by a top level domain category such as ‘.com’, ‘.co’ or ‘.org’ and then perhaps a country abbreviation like ‘.uk’.

Domain Name System (DNS) – every server on the internet can be identified by its IP address; these consist of a series of digits, eg It isn’t easy to remember a series of digits for each web site you wish to visit, so the Domain Name System was created. This maps a name to the IP address.

Encryption – a way of scrambling data so only the intended recipient can decipher it.

Firewall – a security setup that prevents unauthorised users gaining entry to a private network.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) – FTP Programs is a fast way of uploading and downloading files from the internet. We recommend Cute FTP.

Gateway – a computer that controls access to the internet. You’ll go through a gateway computer to get to the net.

Hit – a measure of a visit to a web page. When someone visits a web page that page has received one hit.

HTML – Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML) is the code from which every web page is made. Your web browser reads the HTML and then presents the page on your screen.

HTTP – the protocol used by browsers to download web pages from web servers.

Java – a powerful web page programming language.

Javascript – a relatively simple programming language that enables you to do relatively advanced things on web pages.

MIME – Multiple Internet Mail Extensions. This is a standard way of enclosing e-mail attachments so that users of different e-mail programs can still send each other files without encountering problems.

PGP – Pretty Good Privacy. This is a popular way of encrypting messages.

POP – Post Office Protocol. This is the protocol used by your e-mail program to retrieve messages from the server.

POP account – this is where you download your e-mail from; a pop account is not necessarily the same as an e-mail address, so your e-mail address may be info@yourdomain.com and the pop account may be ‘fred’.

Router – a computer that redirects data.

Secure server – a computer that handles encrypted data for secure transactions.

Server – a computer which provides information to other computers. Your web site is stored on our web servers.

Spam – sending large quantities of unsolicited e-mail. Supanames.co.uk does not allow customers to spam.

Telnet – a protocol that enables you to make a remote connection to a computer.

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