How Can I Improve My Blog SEO?

SEO is complex and it is hard to figure out even for the experienced SEO experts. It is because – there is not much information available as to how the search engines actually rank the pages. While Google’s ranking algorithm is still a mystery. All the practices that we follow for SEO now, solely depends on experience, experiments and narratives, which is only a handful and not on a large scale basis.

This article narrates a few things that can improve on your Blog SEO

  • Write Great Blog Posts That Are Short

With the evolving algorithms of Google, it is really getting hard to rank. Article with less than 500 words, especially the sharing the ideas sourced from other expert writers on latest trends in your blog space, is sure to add to your Google ranking. Well-researched, useful and relevant content always have a demand and make your audience keep coming back again and again. But make it a point to post regularly.

  • Use Relevant Keywords

Use appropriate keywords that your audience will probably search for. Always go for the keywords with high traffic and low bidding price. This will give a greater chance of ranking high in the Google Searches.

  • Add Keywords to the URL

Set the URL to contain the main keywords of the article, this will prompt the search engine to rank your blog content. Moreover try to keep the URL as short as possible.

  • Add High Quality Images

Including high quality images in your blog content helps make your text easier to read and your image could turn out to be another tool to bring in audience to your website.

  • Link your Blog content to High Quality Websites

You might wonder as to why you must leave your visitor to another website. But in reality, linking your website to reputable websites can actually help your blog grow its ranks.

  • Make it easy for your customer to share by incorporating buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Pinterest.

Getting the help of the best SEO Company is essential to have your blog ranked high. It will take some time to depict difference in the rankings, but slowly you’ll get there and eventually have an edge over your competitors.