How Customer Reviews help Enhance Conversions

With several businesses taking advantage of the internet space, customer reviews have become more important than ever. Majority of customers today depend on customer reviews for their purchase decisions, thereby ultimately influencing your business. Here’s how you can make the most of customer reviews to get more conversions:

Get only Authentic Reviews:

Make sure to garner as much authentic and positive reviews as possible. When customers develop trust in your brand, they are likely to make more purchases down the road. Also, when you deal with negative reviews by offering adequate solutions on a prompt basis, unsatisfied customers will return.

Generate more Traffic with SEO:

Increasing website traffic through SEO optimisation will also increase conversion rates. To capture the attention of potential customers, you shall take advantage of rich snippets with which you will be able to display ratings as organic stars when someone searches for your brand on Google. When users see your brand having good ratings, they will check out your product or service.

Pay Attention to Multimedia Reviews:

Text reviews are still in demand, but it is ideal to concentrate on getting reviews in the form of videos or photos. Multimedia reviews not just help improve SEO but boost conversions as well. Additionally, customers are three times more likely to purchase from brands after seeing video reviews.

Use Seller Ratings for Ads:

Customer reviews will contribute to better performance of your ads on Google. Customer feedback will display as seller ratings in the form of an extension in Google Ads, which will bring more eyeballs to your ads and enhance clickthrough rates. Better traffic and conversion will correspondingly improve your ad’s quality score, giving you higher ad rankings and lower cost per click.

Every online business therefore must focus on gathering better customer reviews, as they are powerful enough to boost your business while also improving SEO and PPC. Get in touch with leading online marketing services for more assistance.