How Do You Attract People To Your Social Pages?

92% of small business owners use social media for their business and consider it to be an essential part of the marketing process. Why?

According to a report, there are about 3.5 billion social media users. While mentions that the most dominant social platforms are Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, Instagram. This indicates that social media can turn out to be a worthy investment to generate traffic, if you play it right.

Working on social media is much easier than your hard efforts of trying to get Google ranking. So here are a few ways of getting as much of social media traffic in the organic way.

  • Make ready a personal Social media Profile page – Your profile is the first thing, your customers see when they click on your social media page. Be it your Facebook About section, Twitter bio or your LinkedIn company page, your profile gives out information about your business. Make sure to add a link to your homepage, as social media helps drive referral traffic.
  • Repurpose Your Blog Posts – You have great blogs on your website and very few people are reading it? You can actually fix this and reach more number of people by promoting this blog on Social Media. You can quote the significant snippets of your article, question your target audience which has some connectivity with the post, and post high-quality images, which will help in the promotion of your blog and keep your feed fresh.
  • Post during the Peak Time – According to an SEO consultant, the best time to post the contents on Social media is the time when your target audience is most active. You might get some like and share in other time of the day, but, to get the maximum exposure you need to post when your audience is lively.
  • Share Visual Content – “80% of marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing.” Visual content is likely to get more shares on social media than any other contents.
  • Audience Engagement – If you are looking to drive more traffic to your audience and build connectivity with your targeted customers, then engaging with your audience is the effective way. You can also get to gain the trust of the audience.

Now that you have these effective social media tips to drive in SEO traffic, implement them to your social media strategy and witness a whole new set of relevant traffic to your website.