How Important Is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO means a lot for any website, as it improves the technical aspects of a website to help with improvements in page ranks in the search engines. This will make a website fast, easier to crawl and understandable by the search engines. Search Engines look to offer the best results for their users query. Therefore, when Google’s robots crawl, they gauge the web pages on various factors, a few of which are based on user experience, while others help the search engine bots to understand what your pages is all about. If you do this better there are chances that you might be rewarded with higher rankings.

Here are some reasons as stated by a search engine optimization consultant as to why should you optimise your website for Technical SEO –

  • Fast Loading Web Pages

Nowadays, the users are impatient and they do not want to wait for a page to open. Researches demonstrate that mobile website visitors will leave if a webpage, if it does not open in 3 seconds. Hence, if your website is slow, people will get frustrated and switch to another website, by this way you are actually losing your potential SEO traffic to your competitors.

  • For the Search Engines to Crawl Easily

Search engines make use of robots to crawl across your website, and discover the content. So, it is great to have an internal linking structure that will make sure that the robots understand what is more important on your website.

  • Remove Every Dead Link

You visitors will get annoyed if they land on a page that does not exist at all. If there is a link which leads you to a non-existing page on the website, the users will encounter a 404 error. Most websites have at least some dead links. So, prevent these dead links or redirect the URL to a page when you delete a page.

  • Duplicate content

Search engines will get confused if you have a copied content on your website as to which one they should rank highest.  Though it does not make any difference to the visitor, search engines view them as same content on different URLs. The technical solution to this issue is to fix with the canonical link element, indicating which original page, you are looking to rank in the search engines.

  • Keeps your Website Secured

A website which is technically optimised is secured, and guarantees that it is safe for the users.

  • Implementing Structured Data

Structured data helps the search engines to understand your website and business better. Moreover, this also makes your content appropriate to be viewed in the rich results.

  • Make use of hreflang

If your business is targeting more than one country, SEO search engine would require a little help to understand which countries you are trying to reach. You can help them with the Hreflang tags, so that they can show the right website in the destined area.