How to Get on Top of Google Search? 2020 SEO!

Did you know 75% of people will never scroll past the first page on a Google search? Want to get to the top of Google? Follow these 2020 SEO strategies, and you’ll be climbing in no time. SEO is one of the youngest marketing disciplines out there, and it’s also incredibly fast-paced. It looks almost nothing like what it did when we started. If you implement the SEO strategies professionally, you will get ranked successful, and your website will get moved to the first result page of Google.

Here are a few 2020 SEO trends that you need to follow.

Implement Structured Data

Google interested in extracting more data from your pages and giving publishers more exposure in exchange. It is now adding support for new types of structured data (FAQPage, fact-check, and more). The good news is, you can take advance of this by implementing structured data with the help of SEO marketing experts.

Dominate Google with SERP Marketing and Content Diversification

Did you know Google is building an ultimate resource that can give comprehensive answers to any query with a knowledge graph, quick answers, and interactive and visual results? So, create an effective SERP Marketing campaign by making use of effective SEO services! Also, come up with more quality content assets in various formats.

Optimise Content for Semantic Search and Search Intent

Google now looks at the query context and analyses the possible search intent to deliver results. So, with the help of leading SEO experts, create the content based on Google looking for.

Optimise Your Site for Mobile and Voice Search

Mobile and voice search is going strong. Also, Google predominantly uses the mobile version of a page for indexing and ranking. Optimise your site for mobile and voice search with the help of SEO experts.

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