How to get your Contents optimised for Featured Snippets?

Are you wondering about how to get Google featured snippets for your website?  If yes, here is a detailed guide for you. Google featured snippets are one among the latest trends in SEO most sites are looking for in 2019.

For example, if you type “how to get fit” Google will show up a featured snippets box in which you can easily find the relevant information. Are you curious to know how to get Google’s featured snippet box for your website contents? Well, you are on the right page.

What are featured snippets?

Featured snippets are nothing but selected search results which are featured on top of search engines search results. They show up in a box.

Most of the times these snippets guide searches get the required answer to their questions right away. Hence featured snippets are also known as answer boxes.

How to get Google featured snippets for the contents in your website?

Now let’s come to the important question. Fastest ways to get Google featured snippet for your website is to get into top 10 Google ranking and ensure to increase your click-through rates.

That being said, here are some proven tips that most of the top SEO companies do to get featured snippets for web pages.

Use power keywords in your headlines:

Do you know, you can increase your chances of getting more clicks by using power words in your contents? Yes, that’s true. Power words make your headlines more click-worthy. The most powerful words include:

  • How to
  • Popular
  • Approved
  • Valuable
  • Ultimate
  • Competitive

Header tags play a key role:

Header tags play an imperative role in boosting your keyword rankings. You should use and optimise your primary and secondary keywords using header tags in the most important places. For instance use H1, H2, H3 and other heading tags in a logical way.

Have you found out these details on getting Google featured snippets useful? Go ahead and get good ranks for your website with the help of these tips from best SEO consultant.