How To Optimise Your Business for Near Me Searches?

“Near me” has become the most suggested query of Google’s “local intent.” Whatever be the industry, more and more people have started using the words “near me “to find business on Google. Hence, making use of the “near me” searches can double your business opportunity by appearing for the searches before the local audience.

Here are some proven ways as suggested by one of the top SEO companies to optimise your business for “Near me” searches –

  • Optimise your business on Google My Business

To get your business on the local results, you must properly optimise your business that is listed on the Google My Business page. Here are the ways to optimise –

  1. Make sure that you enter the Name of the business, Address, Phone number, business hours, and website details consistent across every listing.
  2. Add images of your business to increase the credibility.
  3. Request your customers for reviews on the Google My Business page, as it is a great way to get listed by Google on the top of searches.
  4. Add your business under the right category.
  5. Always keep your Google My Business page up-to-date.
  • Make use of Schema mark-up

Optimising Schema mark-up is a great way to stand out from the competitors, across the SEO search results. This is because – schema data helps feed more details regarding your business into the search engines.

  • Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

With the increase in mobile searches, Google search engine optimization focuses the mobile and desktop searches separately. Hence, it becomes a necessity for your website to be optimised for mobile experience.

  • Obtain Backlinks with Geographic Anchor Text

Including your business’ state and city in the anchor text can prove to be very advantageous as Google examines these backlinks to determine your business’ authority. So, acquiring quality backlinks is important for your local business.

For SEO, this also means that acquiring good backlinks may be even more important than we previously thought.

  • Location based Webpages

Now that you know the importance of Geographic Anchor Text for improving the near me searches, if your business has multi-location, you can build a separate page for each location. This will improve your chances of ranking better for the “Near me” queries.