How to Optimise your Content for Voice Search

Voice search has been becoming popular, especially with the evolution of virtual assistants and smart speakers. Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Microsoft Cortana are intelligent virtual assistants that functions based on its users’ voice search queries. Google, thus far, has been offering the ideal experience when it comes to voice search, delivering accurate search results. Voice search presents a great opportunity in search engine marketing for you to gain traffic and improve rankings. To achieve the same, optimise your content in the following ways:

Mobile Optimisation:

Mobile traffic has surpassed that of desktop very recently. Therefore, making your website compatible for mobile devices should be a priority. If users discover your website with voice search, but notices hiccup and slower load times, it’ll ultimately affect your ranking. Make your site mobile-friendly by creating an AMP version of your website, which will let you work upon discovering voice search queries for your content.

Local SEO Optimisation:

Voice search is incredibly useful with local search queries. Adding geotagged keywords such as ‘Jewlry Store Sydney’ and optimising your Google My Business listing not just improves local SEO, but helps for voice search as well. With a simple voice query, users will be able to find your business and website.

Featured Snippets & Knowledge Graphs

When your web content appears in Knowledge Graphs and/or Featured Snippets, users perceive your website as a reliable source. Also, digital assistants read aloud the content in featured snippets in response to user queries. Therefore, focus more on creating how-to guides and FAQs to let digital assistants discover your content, and use it in voice search.

The speed and convenience that voice search offers have led to its increased adoption in smart devices. A search engine optimisation company will help optimise your content in a way that’s compatible with voice search queries and ranks your website higher in SERPs. Get in touch with the professionals today.