Improve Your SEO with a Smart Social Media Strategy!

Online marketing is a major investment for any brand, big or small, and that investment isn’t always in the form of dollars. There are free online marketing tools to boost your revenues, increase leads and conversions, and keeps business booming. That is social media.

Social media engagement essentially provides Google with external validation of a page’s value.

Social media marketing has been around for a while, and it’s become a proven tool for increasing traffic and generating new leads. Incorporating social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Plus, and Twitter is one’s business development strategy, which is an absolute must for any business these days. Did you know 92% of marketers declared that social media is an essential strategy for their business? Among them, 77% of business mam increased traffic to their sites!

The social media marketing and search engine optimization work in tandem; what works well for one works for the other. Here are five ways to ensure your social media posting helps your search engine optimization SEO.

  1.    Go Where the Followers Are:By seeking alignment with your followers, you will become known and trusted as a leading expert in the field.
  2.    Optimize Your Content:Social media platforms are searchable, just like search engines, so you need a social SEO strategy to help people search for and discover your content.
  3.    Court Admiration:Likes, comments, and shares are the most significant action for SEO. The entire purpose or goal of a social network is sharing.
  4.    Size Matters:The total number of followers of, and connections to, your social media profiles has a direct and significant influence on your rankings. So hire the right Google search engine optimization expert to proceed accordingly.
  5.    Figure out Who You Are, and Make It Known:To stand out, you need to build a strong, authentic, and engaging brand presence. So, choose the right SEO packages publish optimized content on your social media pages based on a content calendar.

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