Powerful Reasons Why a Chatbot is a Must-Have in 2019 for Your Business

Why Are Chatbots a Must-Have in 2019? A well-optimized chatbot can be a great addition to a company’s website. It is an intelligent virtual assistant for your website that will help to boost your conversion rates. Did you know as per statistics more than 75% of businesses will have Chatbots by 2020? Not only this, below we have compiled strong reasons why chatbots are essential for your business.

1. Chatbot Brings Your Brand Personality to Life

A chatbot is one of the strategies used for Google search engine optimization that becomes a “live entity” that can infuse personality into conversations. The traditional ads are “pushed” upon an unwilling or apathetic viewer, while chatbots “pull” users to engage with them.

2. Opportunities for Personalization

Companies must strike a responsible balance between personalization and privacy. With chatbots, brands can personalize a conversation to the individual, and generate SEO traffic. From simply referring to the user by name to connecting with their CRM, they can customize the conversational experience. It answers the customer’s questions and makes them visit and hire your service or purchase your products.

3. Engagement beyond Clicks

In traditional online advertising, you call a click of an ad or play of a video “engagement.” Engagement with a chatbot, on the other hand, is an active conversation with a user. The interaction leaves users with an entertaining experience, a better understanding of the brand, and a positive emotional feeling.

Chatbot provides the information that people ask for and helps people buy your products. Contact the right search engine optimization SEO expert from the best SEO Company, and get Chatbot to your website and ready to welcome the successful leads for Your Business.