Prepare For Mobile-First Indexing

Mobile-First Indexing (MFI) is the initial set up by Google that allows the mobile version of your website to be the most important one. Traditionally, Google SEO has taken a desktop-first indexing approach, which meant that their crawlers determine your rankings based on the information gathered from the desktop version of a site. Moving forward, Google has stated that it will base all rankings, both mobile and desktop, off of the information it gathers from the mobile crawl. Where a desktop site is a sole version, Google decided that it was time to prioritize mobile results, and rolling out mobile-first indexing! But what does that mean for your ranking? Probably, this may be your question right now. Did you know mobile-first indexing give users a better experience, and more and more searches will come from a mobile device?

How Does It Work?

If you have a mobile-friendly website, your website will fill with a large chunk of traffic. Websites are now ranked based on the quality of user experience. And it can be only possible on mobile devices.

Checklist to do to prepare for the mobile-first index

  • Optimize your content for mobile
  • Create a mobile-first strategy

SEO is all about one thing; helping the right people finds the right stuff online.

Final Recap

If you have a site optimized for mobile, you’ll rank well on both mobile and desktop. But, if your website doesn’t perform well on mobile, your rankings will sink on both mobile and desktop. While almost all marketers and SEOs have prioritized mobile content, it’s more important now than ever before to focus on mobile. So, hire the right SEO agency and optimize your website for mobile-friendly one. This doesn’t mean that all non-mobile SEO is for nothing, but in the coming years, mobile SEO will probably be the only thing marketers and SEOs will focus on.