Simple Hacks to Improve Your E-Commerce Lead Conversion Rate

It takes a lot of effort to scale up an e-commerce store. If you are reading this, you are already going through this, and you are looking up to improve on your conversion rates. Here are a few tips offered by an SEO specialist that will help increase the E-commerce conversion rates –

  • Track your Analytics – to track your analytics, you need to fix it precisely, and set the goals to get real-time insights on how people are using your website. In case if your website is lagging in this area, you need to fix your analytics straightway.
  • Exhibit Contact Number – Customer service is an essential segment of any online marketing services. Your customers should feel that you will be readily available to answer any queries. So make sure that the phone number is visible on the header of the website, the footer and in the checkout forms of your website. Also, have a contact us page, with relevant contact information. This adds to your credibility.
  • Optimise the website for Mobile – Many research studies mention that most of the e-commerce purchases during the year 2018 was made on a smartphone. So, optimise your website for mobile.
  • Provide Detailed Product Descriptions – Most people bounce from the product pages, if they did not get answers to their questions. When you offer detailed product descriptions containing – the benefits, how it works, and any critical elements which the customer would like to know, will capture your audience attention and keep them tied up to your website.
  • Adding Videos of Product handling – A clear video of product demonstration on how to use the product, will allow the people to experience your product digitally.
  • Allow customer reviews – Reviews helps build trust, and helps people to move confidently with your products.
  • Offer Coupons – top SEO companies, suggest using coupons to encourage people to try your products once in a while can be beneficial to gain the interest of the people.

Ultimately, having happy customers who leave positive reviews on your website can have a great impact on your ROI. We hope that you will find these tips to be useful in the long run.