Simple Ways to Boost your Domain Authority

Gaining #1 rank on the Search Engine Results Page is the goal of any marketer! And to gain this position it is not merely enough to get ranked for certain keywords. There are a lot of other factors that is set to influence the rankings.

One of those SEO strategies, which determine the rankings, is the Domain Authority (DA).

Domain Authority determines how well a website is performing. It is measure on a scale of 1 to 100, the closer you are to 100, the more traffic and ranking does your website has. While a website with low Domain Authority can result in a greater loss of traffic and ranks. That is why it is important to hold a good Domain Authority.

Here are some simple ways, which can help you improve your Domain authority. Though this will not deliver you with overnight results, it can bring you faster results.

Publish Quality Content

Quality contents can help you get a good Domain Authority Score. Therefore focus on unique and simple contents that will gain value among the readers. The length of your content does not matter, instead, information on your content matters. So, write contents that your visitors will like to read. Use images, and videos to make your content more attractive and interesting.

Onpage Optimisation

Onpage SEO will help your website’s DA to climb the ranks easily. You need to take care of the following factors –

  • Header Tags – Make use of H1, H2, H3 tags to feature the main points, this will help the search engines to recognise your subject matter easily.
  • Keyword Density – Never stuff keywords into the contents. Keep the keyword density anywhere between 0.5 to 1.5%.
  • Permalink structure
  • Meta Tags
  • Image Optimisation

Interlinking Strategy

Using internal links will help reduce the bounce rate and increase a visitor’s average time spent on the website. It is because, having links to other relevant posts from a particular post, might be provide the reader with more information and captivate the readers.

The trick here is to link to the old post from your new post, this will help the search engine bots to easily crawl on your website’s content, finding them easily. To make this even more effective, make sure that the internal link is a do-follow link.

Generate High Quality Links

Building spammy links is easy but generating solid high-quality links is a tough job! But if you are successful in building quality links, it is going to be worth it. You can use the following methods to generate quality links –

  • Promote your contents on social networking sites
  • Guest Blogging
  • Create many of linkable contents to gain more natural links for your website

But, beware as some digital marketing agencies, practice wrong methods of generating illegal. These links will actually get a penalty for the website from Google and lose the rankings.

Finally, if you are looking to improve your Domain Authority, you have to focus on content and the website’s optimisation, as they both go hand-in-hand. So, consult with a top SEO Agency and plan accordingly.