Structured Data and why it is important for SEO Ranking in 2019!

As for how AI is becoming increasingly important for Google, the structured data as well! Regardless of how good your AI is, if it takes longer to crawl to the required information, it will not be great. AI requires fast processing of contents. Structured data helps Google search engine understand the contents of your website better. Hence structured data is critical if you want your site to be visible within the search features. However, should all brands use structured data? Is it worth it? According to experts SEO services, the answer is surprisingly, yes!

What is structured data?

Structured data is nothing but on page mark-up which enables search engines like Google to understand better the information available currently on your website and then use this information to improve your search results listing and thus SEO.

Structured data is the additional information which you can see next to a Meta description and website. For example, if you search for a restaurant, you will see not only the restaurant’s name but also some additional information about the restaurant such as pricing, working hours and stars that indicate positive reviews.

Should I hire a best SEO company expert to manage the structured data and SEO for me?

As structured data use HTML codes, some familiarity with coding is essential to handle structured data for SEO purpose. You have good news, and there are super smart experienced SEO agents who can do the job with efficiency for you.

Do keywords still matter?

Search engines like Google weave increasingly complex layers into search results. Google’s new conversation search feature automatically weaves information like:

  • Where are you?
  • What have you searched for in the past?
  • Who are you in the search query?

Personalization and localisation in search results make structured data and semantic SEO increasingly crucial. By the same time, mobile is driving the revolution as users’ transit from PC based searches to mobile searches. However, keywords will never die off according to top SEO companies.