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How Do You Rank In Featured Snippets?

Featured snippets, also known as ‘answer boxes,’ appear above the organic search results on page one. Google answers your search query, with a snippet containing the information relevant to your question, above other links. Hence they are commonly referred to as “position zero.” Featured snippets help the website owners to get more traffic easily even […]

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Ranking in Google’s featured Snippets

A Comprehensive Guide to Rank in Google’s Featured Snippets

Getting to the number one spot of Google’s organic search results is an uphill battle. But just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean you can’t win. Featured snippets in search! Even if you’re not in the first position of Google’s search result, you can outrank it with featured snippets. A featured snippet is also called as […]

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Featured Snippets – What is it and how Beneficial it is for SEO

Featured Snippets have become an integral part of the search engine results page and SEO marketing in general. Featured snippets are small cards of relevant information that display above the search engine results along with a link to the website. Top search engines such as Google and Bing both implement featured snippets for users to […]

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