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How Do You Create An Effective Backlink?

SEO is all about building links. Though many claim that link building is spammy and out-dated, it is the sure way to upsurge your overall website traffic. No matter, if you are trying to increase the traffic of an existing blog or a new blog, you need to build a lot of quality links. This […]

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How Do You Rank In Featured Snippets?

Featured snippets, also known as ‘answer boxes,’ appear above the organic search results on page one. Google answers your search query, with a snippet containing the information relevant to your question, above other links. Hence they are commonly referred to as “position zero.” Featured snippets help the website owners to get more traffic easily even […]

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How Can I Boost My YouTube Channel?

Here is some interesting YouTube Statistics, which proves that, it is one of the best platforms for online marketing services. On an average, YouTube gets about 1,000,000,000 mobile video views per day. “How to” videos on YouTube is growing at 70% year on year. The number of channels that earn six figures every year on […]

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Featured Snippets – What is it and how Beneficial it is for SEO

Featured Snippets have become an integral part of the search engine results page and SEO marketing in general. Featured snippets are small cards of relevant information that display above the search engine results along with a link to the website. Top search engines such as Google and Bing both implement featured snippets for users to […]

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Common mistakes in keyword research

Watch Out for these 4 Common Mistakes you could make in Keyword Research

Keyword research is the foundation of any SEO marketing strategy. It is imperative that you find the right keywords relevant to your business for the best results. Before you begin your research, remember these 4 potential mistakes you could make in the process. Mistake 1: Choosing keywords not relevant to your business Some of them […]

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