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Google’s Diversity Update

Google’s Diversity Update Gives Smaller Sites a Chance to Rank

Did Google’s Site Diversity Update Live Up to its Promise? On June 6th, on the heels of a core update, Google announced that a site diversity update was also rolling out. This update offered a unique opportunity; because site diversity is something we can directly measure. A study on the effect of Google’s diversity update […]

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Website traffic

How to grow Your Webpage from 200 and less visits per month to 30,000+?

Looking to increase your webpage SEO traffic to over thirty thousand visits per month? You need more than just a good SEO! To grow a page from 200 visits per month to 30,000 all you need is a solid SEO plan and strategies that will differentiate your business from the rest! Yes, with a properly […]

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Social Media

How Do You Attract People To Your Social Pages?

92% of small business owners use social media for their business and consider it to be an essential part of the marketing process. Why? According to a report, there are about 3.5 billion social media users. While mentions that the most dominant social platforms are Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, Instagram. This indicates that social media […]

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Do Podcasts Help SEO?

According to Google I/O ’19, it would soon start exhibiting podcasts in the search results. Is this possible? Yes, it is possible. Google Cloud Platform’s speech-to-text service has been in existence since 2017, which is a sound proof to the possibility of podcast in SEO. An expert SEO consultant states that, earlier in 2019, a […]

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