Technical SEO why it is more important than ever to be Technical in 2019?

Websites continue to grow in complexity each year making technical SEO a significant area to focus on and invest in 2019 and beyond. A good SEO strategy should cover both technical SEO factors and on-page. However, according to studies, a significant number of websites are still plagued with technical SEO issues.

Why focus on technical SEO?

Search engines are getting better at indexing, crawling and understanding information. SEO optimization is like accounting. And if for some reason the search engine has a hard time to figure out what your website is all about, even if you have what the audience wants they will move on.

Just creating good content doesn’t matter anymore if nobody can find it. A robust technical SEO foundation should complement good website content.

According to best SEO, getting invisible may be bad for your business so make sure it’s technical aspects or spot on.

How does an excellent technical SEO look like?

Websites’ Performance is an essential element of Technical SEO that should be taken into consideration every time when you invest in search engine optimization SEO.



How fast does your website load? This is very important to consider as searches don’t wait long if your page doesn’t load quickly.

Implement AMP and responsive designs:

Consider implementing AMP and responsive design on your web pages. Google cannot wait for us to get our act together. Users need sites to load quickly now. Keep an eye on AMP as it can fade away with time.

Responsive design, on the other hand, will make the user experience better on all the devices making your website sensible in the mobile-first era. Also, don’t forget to use and test it on different devices and fix issues which can negatively impact your Google SEO ranking.