Video content Optimisation to rule SEO trends in 2019?

According to reports, globally IP video trafficking will account for 82% of traffic by 2022. Videos have turned into the most popular form of contents on the internet, with video streaming websites and social media boosting high traffic numbers. With increasing internet speed and mobile browsing, video contents have become more accessible for users all over the world. In fact, it is true that online video has become more popular than TV nowadays as streaming numbers tend to reach billions on a regular basis.

What essential aspects of video can you optimise?

Channel name:

According to expert online marketing services, advertisers should dash to the 500 subscribers mark as soon as possible. The main reason behind this is to claim a vanity URL. Vanity URL is something very crucial when it comes to SEO optimisation.

Use channel keywords:

Channel keywords help advertiser’s to place important keywords that can help drive traffic. The focus must be on using more YouTube optimised keywords. When these keywords are used right, channels will get a sky-scraping Google ranking.

Channel description:

This is again crucial. Don’t try to skip optimising the YouTube description area. When you advertise, you should consider thinking about this from the user point of view. Your potential customers will like to know more about you and Google digs that. In addition, Google rewards the attempts to make a picture-perfect user experience.

As viewers continue to grow, optimising for desktop users, mobile users and using video SEO is part of an effective video optimisation marketing strategy.

Key takeaways:

Video contents are going to become much bigger in 2019 according to SEO specialist. It is best to ensure that you would be ready to take advantage of it. With these tips, you can create quality contents that would drive more traffic and views to your channels and websites.