Voice Search Is Rapidly Changing the Future of SEO

Voice search lets you talk to your smart devices rather than having you type. The exponential rise of voice search is changing the game for SEO. Research says in 2020, 30% of all website sessions will be conducted without a screen.  Yes, voice search is the key to successful brands in the future. This means that businesses and marketers should begin preparing for this revolution as soon as possible to avoid being left out by search engines. Wondering how it is possible? You can make it possible with SEO marketing.

Reason Why Does Voice Search Matter?

Paying attention to voice-related technology for your business has many good reasons. Some of them are,

  1. Most users have micro-moments or flashpoints that drive them to carry out an urgent search on the information they require. Convenience option – Did you know 79% of voice search is carried out in the car and at home? The accuracy rate of voice search is now up to 92%. The users will enjoy the benefits and use it even more.
  2. There are many untapped opportunities out there when it comes to voice search. If you can set up your website to answer the specific questions that customers are asking, you stand to gain a competitive advantage.
  3. Ease of use/Better Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  4. Rise of Personal Assistants/Digital Assistants.
  5. What better way to provide a personalized experience than by talking to the guest in the same language that they use when they talk into their phone.
  6. Allows for (forces at times) auto-correction. Online Travel Agencies have made good use of generic terms.
  7. Google has made announcements signalling their move towards mobile. You can see signs of this mobile push as early as the removal of Google’s paid ads on the sidebar.
  8. Smartphone users turn to their phone when looking for information or answers to their questions, and more importantly, to voice search.

Final Words

Getting a head start on adapting for this technology is going to give you a solid business edge for many years to come.  So, how can we set a long-term enterprise SEO strategy when things change so often?  Contact the right SEO expert and go ahead with effective SEO services.