Voice Search Optimization Strategies to Get Ahead

Get ahead of the Google SEO pack and start optimizing for voice searches now! Did you know 50% of all online searches will be voice-based by 2020? And Google stated 30% of all web browsing sessions would be done without a screen by 2020!

  1. Test Voice Search
  2. Your New Content Strategy: Provide Answers
  3. Your New Content Strategy: Focus on Questions
  4. Speed Up Your Website
  5. Optimize Your Business Listings
  6. Optimize For Mobile

Implementation of these strategies with the help of an SEO agency will make you rank better for voice search and create a sound voice search optimization strategy.

Key Benefits of Having a Voice Search Strategy

Optimize For Mobile

The majority of voice searches will come from mobile devices. How else are you going to welcome mobile users if your website isn’t mobile-optimized?

Optimize Your Business Listings:

Voice search is all about localization. Optimizing your website with business details and location will help your business rank higher in voice search. Also, it provides accurate business information to users.

Including Q&A Content

Considering reformatting your FAQ page into a Q&A undoubtedly increases your chances of improved voice search placements.

Speed Up Your Website

Page Speed plays a significant role in voice search SEO. The webpage with loads speed less than 4.6 seconds will rank well on Google. It helps you to improve your website speed effectively.

Testing Voice search

Voice search is still new, so you should take it upon yourself to test the voice search function proactively. It will help guide you and let you know what the needful things have to be done.

Are you planning to optimize your website for a voice search? Contact the right SEO optimization company and take your business to the next level by optimizing voice search.