What Should You Do With Your Old Content?

It is a challenging task to write a blog post. It involves a lot of effort to create a blog, and a proud moment after you have created a quality blog. There is no way that you are ever going to throw these blogs away from your website, right? But, what should you be really doing with those blog posts, which are really old? Should you keep them?

In this blog, we will explain as to why you should not keep all of your old writings, and what types of content you can have and what blogs you should be deleting from your website.

Why Should You Not Have All The Blogs?

You might be a great writer, who has written awesome content for your website, but as days pass by, your content gets old and requires some cleaning. If you don’t spruce up the existing blog, you are actually losing your chances of Google ranking.

What Contents Should You Update?

If you have an old content, which is still attracting a lot of SEO traffic from Google, then it is a valuable content, which should be kept on your website. But, make sure to update the content on a regular basis with the latest information, never have out-dated information on the content. Also, add some structure and hierarchy to your website, especially when you find if a page or blog post is ranking well, you must treat it good. Place this important page on top, in the hierarchy. This way, you are informing Google as to which article you want to rank high.

What Contents Should You Delete?

Is there an article on your website which contains information which is no longer informative or useless? Then it is time to delete the article or redirect it to some similar page.

Can You Merge Articles?

If you have written blogs on the same topic, and if they are ranking for various keywords, then these types of contents should be merged. You can actually, create a splendid article by merging the two existing blogs and drive in more traffic.

Check and update your existing blogs every now and then. As your website grows, you need to refresh the existing contents and uphold the structure for better internet marketing service.