How To Get Your Blog Post Rank High In Google?

Are you frustrated by the lack of views and engagement on your blog posts? To accomplish that, you need to implement some proven tactics with the help of SEO analysis, to boost your ranking in Google. Learn how to make your blog rank higher on Google with this guide 2020. This is your guide to getting your content ranked higher. The guide will be focusing on getting get your blog post rank high on Google.

1. Get Links To Your Blog Posts

Building links to the blog post is an essential factor in getting your blog post ranking in Google. So, create “link-worthy” content, and stand the best chance of naturally accumulating links from other bloggers and journalists

2. Promote The Blog Post On Social Media

One of the best ways to get your posts seen is to share them on social media. If you don’t yet have an audience, you can invest in some inexpensive social ads to get more click-throughs and to build your follower base.

3. Word Count Matters

First off, it’s important to note there’s no precise, “optimal” word count. Extremely short content ( 50 words) has been known to outrank 1,000-word blog posts, which suggests that any length can work if it’s written well. Did you know high-ranking posts tend to be longer and more in-depth? But, don’t fill your site with low-quality content.

4. On-page SEO

The most important aspect of on-page SEO is simply using your chosen keywords in strategic areas of your post. The most important places to use your keywords and phrases are,

  • Throughout your content
  • Alt image tags and image captions
  • Header tags (H2, H3, etc.)
  • URL
  • Title tag
  • Keyword Research

The SEO consultant will help you find keywords that your target market is searching for, and words that you have a chance of ranking for. Implementing those keywords, your blog post with quality content will rank high.

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