SEO Strategies to Optimise For Voice Search

In the era of voice search, where the competition will only get tougher in the coming days, marketers and SEO’s should make it a habit of optimising their content for voice search. Did you know by 2020, 50% of all searches will be via voice, and 30% of searches will take place without a screen? So, it is essential to seek the help of SEO Company to optimise your website for voice search to get better rankings and increase your organic reach.

Here are a few SEO strategies to optimise for voice search

  1. Leverage Google My Business Listings: A Google My Business listing is a way to let Google know that your business is located at a particular place. It improves your local search engine marketing, and you will see the positive results straight away.
  2. Pay Attention to Mobile: Google emphasises mobile experience and vows to make it better day by day. So, create mobile-friendly content with a mobile-first approach to achieve.
  3. Improve Loading Time of Your Website: Voice searchers need immediate results, and if you have a slow website that takes an eternity to load, your content won’t be used to answer verbal queries. So, improve the loading time of your website by SEO.
  4. Target Long-Tail Keyword Phrases: Voice searches are longer than searches on a keyboard due to their conversational style. So, make use of target long-tail keyword phrases.
  5. Use Conversational Language for Content: Being conversational is a primary characteristic of a voice search query, and we need to take leverage of this. So, create such content with the help of SEO experts.
  6. Re-Imagine and Restructure Your Content: Voice search being a lot more conversational than traditional searches. So, analyse the content and its structure again by implementing the SEO techniques.
  7. Optimise for Rich Answers: Did you know 70% of all answers returned from voice searches occupied a SERP feature? So, brief your website with some SEO related terms such as knowledge graph, knowledge panel, knowledge box, featured snippet, and rich answer. For SEO optimization for voice search to your website, contact the right SEO expect and make your website ready for 2020 ranking.