How Do I Dispose of Old Blog Posts?

Writing a Blog Post is a challenging task, and it requires ultimate hard work. But what is your reaction when it comes to disposing your old blog posts that you have spent your quality time researching and writing? You’ll be exhausted right. So, what can you really do with those blog posts that are really old? Should you keep them all?

This blog post, explains why it is not good to keep all of your old content and what type of content you should save on your website.

Why should you not have all of your content?

Even if you have created an awesome content, you need to do some spring-cleaning every now and then. This is because, the facts may get out-dated, and you might be damaging your chances of getting high on Google ranking, while your website’s reliability fades away.

Moreover, you know that there is only a limited space in SEO search results pages and Google will only display 1 or 2 results from the same domain in the search results for a search query. If your domain authority is high, you can capture up to 3 results. For instance, if you had written 3 articles on the same keywords, you are actually competing with yourself, in the available limited space. You are actually confusing Google. So it is necessary that you need to do some content clean-up.

Delete, Update or Merge?

Delete – If any of your articles is out-dated, does not contain valid information, or if it is not useful, then it is time to get this article deleted. If you had earlier written on upcoming event or any announcement, then these kinds of articles are of no use.

Update – If your article is still getting a lot of SEO traffic, and is still meeting the requisites of your website and company, then this content should be there on your website. Simply update the content with latest information every now and then.

Merge – If you have written multiple articles around the same topic, then these articles should be merged. When you merge one article with other, update it with the current information as well, and delete the old article.

Repurposing your old content should be a part of your primary essentials in SEO strategy. As your website grows, you must make sure to clean your old contents every now and then.