How do I do a PPC audit?

It is essential to carry out a PPC audit for any client to ensure maximum efficiency for their ad accounts. This Auditing process will help discover the various opportunities that will ensure best conversions for the clients. Even small tweaks can make a great difference.

Here’s what you should be looking for when conducting a PPC audit as demonstrated by a top SEO agency

  • Implementation of Tracking Code

Before you begin your audit, find out the conversion goals. Then you will have to verify if the Google Ads tracking code is implemented on the website to review the conversion actions and troubleshoot if you find any issues.

  • Link PPC account to Google Analytics.

Linking the PPC account to Google analytics, will allow you to monitor on the consumer behaviour on your website, after an ad click or impression. You get to know the converting areas, SEO traffic and the non-converting points. This will help you to streamline your ads accordingly.

  • Exclude Internal IPs

When you exclude specific internal IP address, you can avoid unwanted clicks and impressions. This way, you can save your expense spent on clicks.

  • Logical naming of campaigns

Logically naming your campaign in a descriptive way with the theme type/Your service/product and the location, will provide a greater transparency, while allowing easy reporting and understanding by everyone involved in the campaign.

  • Keywords

Download raw keyword performance data and choose an appropriate period where you can get some past data to make informed decisions. After you download, find out the keywords that convert and tailor your ad copy to reverberate with the searches.

  • Find out the quality score

Quality score will help you find out the quality of the keywords, the ads, and the landing pages. Quality Score is important because, it has the ability to bring down the cost-per-click, minimise the CPA, and improve the impression visibility with an upsurge in the Ad rankings.

With a strategic PPC audit, you can bring in success for your PPC campaigns and gain Google ranking!