SEO Ranking Drops – This Could Be The Reason!

Tough situation!

Being an SEO agency, we certainly can understand your pain – The hard earned ranking of your website has suddenly crashed in spite of all your efforts!

Essentially, you need to identify the real situation that is making your website fall from Google search results. Here are some good reasons, as to why your website might have lost its ranking –

Google Penalty

Google Penalty causes big rank drops and that too over-night probably by more than 10 to 20 positions, for a huge number of keywords! There are two types of Google Penalty – Algorithmic and manual penalty. The algorithmic penalty comes automatically with the roll out of any Google update. While a manual penalty, is performed by a Google employee, for not adhering to the guidelines of Google Ranking. If the drop in rankings is fast and severe, and your website is not witnessing any changes in the other search engines like Bing or Yahoo, then be aware, that your website is penalised by Google. The best way to escape from a Google Penalty is to stay in par with the Latest SEO trends and adhere to Google’s recommendations!

Competitor Might Have Outranked

This situation would cause only a slight drop in ranking from 1 to 2 places. Your competitor would have grabbed your place and the other websites, will continue to be in the same positions as they were before. To avoid this situation, you must persistently monitor your competitor’s website, and understand their backlink strategies. Hence, it is wise to team up with a qualified SEO consultant, who will deal this with ease for you!

Onpage Issues

These technical issues could cause a big drop and hamper your site from gaining its rankings. This situation will also gradually cause your website to fall behind other websites – even if you are working your best to build links and create quality contents. Always keep a track of the website notifications in your inbox by GWT, this will help avoid your website being a victim of the onpage issues.

Losing Links

The drop can either be minor or a huge one. But you will witness a drastic change in link velocity, as your website would have already lost a lot of inbound links from the link profile. For this, you need to check the links that your website has lost in the past 90 days. If you identify that a lot of links is lost, then it could be the definite reason for the ranking drop. Check each and every link and look if it was removed by the webmasters, as it might have been removed by Google, if it was an unnatural link. The best advice is to build more organic and high quality links to your website to secure the rankings.

Internet is filled with smart website owners, who strive hard to be a step ahead. So, if you have secured rankings for your website, keep up to the current updates and do the best things that will protect and improve the visibility of your website in the search engines!