Watch Out for these 4 Common Mistakes you could make in Keyword Research

Keyword research is the foundation of any SEO marketing strategy. It is imperative that you find the right keywords relevant to your business for the best results. Before you begin your research, remember these 4 potential mistakes you could make in the process.

Mistake 1: Choosing keywords not relevant to your business

Some of them tend to choose keywords that has high search volumes, but do not see if they are actually relevant to their business. Remember to choose keywords that align with customer requirements. Your target customers will have unique needs, and they use different variations of search terms. Know the language they use, and ensure that your website fulfils their needs.

Mistake 2: Focusing only on Top Keywords

Another common mistake website owners make is focusing only on top keywords for Google search engine optimisation. The general rule of thumb is to focus on 3 to 5 keywords per page. The number of keywords you need to use depends on the quantity of content available on your website.

Mistake 3: Allocating Keywords in Wrong Pages

An important process in keyword research is allocating the collected keywords in the right webpage. Keywords that are placed within a content that doesn’t match with them will affect the rankings of that page. Keyword research is not just about picking the right keywords, but also matching them with search intent and webpage copy.

Mistake 4: Narrowing Down to Specific Keywords

If you have a large website with possibilities of using several keyword combinations, chances are you might narrow down and use only specific keywords. Most of such keywords would possibly have low search volumes, thus resulting in less traffic. Similarly, when using too many keywords, you might miss out on the important ones. Use keywords that has adequate search volumes and the potential to drive traffic to your site.

For an effective keyword research strategy that works, get in touch with a professional SEO consultant who will understand your business and help you accordingly.