How Do You Rank In Featured Snippets?

Featured snippets, also known as ‘answer boxes,’ appear above the organic search results on page one. Google answers your search query, with a snippet containing the information relevant to your question, above other links. Hence they are commonly referred to as “position zero.”

Featured snippets help the website owners to get more traffic easily even when ranking low on the page. Here are a few tips as suggested by an expert SEO agency on gaining a place on the featured snippet.

  • Commonly Asked Questions – The best way is to find the common questions asked on Google related to your industry. Answer the queries in the simplest way with best examples and proper information, so that your customers can understand better.
  • High Quality Content – To get ranked on the position ‘Zero’ means, it is critical to keep up to the standard requirements of search engine marketing So check if your content stays in par with the following – if it is of high quality, engaging, User-focused and detailed. If the content adherers to the following, you might win your chance of gaining a place on snippet.
  • Provide The Best And Relevant Answers – Always, deal with questions that are relevant to your business and break down your answer step by step so that anyone can understand it easily. It is a great idea to back it up with visual content like – video or images.
  • Keywords – Find the particular keywords that you are currently ranking on the snippets. If there are any questions that your content is ranking for in the snippets, optimise the content and include tags to answer similar questions too, so that it might also get a chance on the snippets.
  • Answer Multiple Questions – Always aim to answer multiple questions in a single content. So that it gets featured for other questions too. Hence, structure your article in a way that it answers every allied question in the focus area that caters to the professional SEO

Featured snippets are on the rise, dominating search queries. So craft optimised contents that will compete to gain a place on the position ‘zero!’