SEO Strategies to Optimise your Webpage for Voice Search!

Voice search is not a fad. It has crossed the threshold of early adopters comfortably. Voice search has come longer because it is more convenient for a user to speak with an assistant than typing. The results of voice queries are also faster. Voice search is gaining fame with high acceptance among voice search users. For users’, voice search as an assistant, provides them with convenient and faster services than text search. Voice search is thriving well in the market and hence is followed by many expert SEO consultant who look for trends. Here are some supporting stats:

  • Voice labs have found total circulation of 33 million voice devices.
  • Voice search is ranked third in this survey of Google SEO trends for many years and 2019.

SEO tactics to optimize voice search:

Use structured data:

Always keep in mind, content is one factor for page relevance and position. Data in your website is also a factor to get top ranks in searches. You can incorporate this data factors to your voice search optimisation plan.

How do these data work?

Schema data is structured data that will give your page that edgy look over your competitors. Although it is not a direct factor which affects ranking, however, it works. The schema has search enhancements that can give visually appealing results on your SERP.

Google my business listing claim:

You should claim on your Google my business listing where you can share your business information.

A high number of queries are done on local businesses. Local businesses are usually done in two ways, search near me or search the name of a place.

For example:

  • Pizza delivery in Sydney
  • Pizza delivery near me

In the first case, local keywords are the input while in the second location comes into place.

Mobile friendly:

This is into the part of the Google Search Engine Optimization as the number of mobile users with personal assistants is increasing day by day. According to SEO specialist, your site should be mobile friendly with responsive web designs.

However, the trends will keep changing in the market which will keep websites busy catching up their place in the market.